5 pcs Gambir Sarawak Bark –Small


5 pcs Gambir Sarawak Bark Small


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Gambir Sarawak Bark Small

Gambir Sarawak Bark –Small
Gambir Sarawak Bark is in solid form, either small or big piece. It is the most original form of Gambir Sarawak. It is packaged in a plastic bag for hygiene purpose. It can be taken out and torn/cut into small pieces for application.

Size: The size of the Gambir Sarawak Small piece is around 1.5cm x 1.0cm

sad couple

Cut or tear a small piece of Gambir Sarawak bark, about 3mm x 3mm and place in the palm. Drip a few drops of water onto the Gambir Sarawak. Twirl to mix Gambir Sarawak and water for a minute until you see the liquid turn white then apply onto the male private part before sex. After 15 minutes, wash the private part with water and you’re ready for intercourse.

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